Welcome to the Commission on Diversity and Transformation

Established in 2015 by Chancellor Nancy Cantor, the Rutgers University-Newark Commission on Diversity and Transformation serves as a dynamic and intentional action group focused on institutional change. Leveraging RU-N's diversity, the Commission aims to generate knowledge and suggest actions to create curriculum, scholarship, initiatives, places, and spaces for both intragroup solidarity and inter-cultural engagement.

With input from students, faculty, staff, and representatives from various RU-N organizations, the Commission has identified four areas on which to focus its initial efforts and provide preliminary recommendations: community engagement; campus climate and student experience; staff and faculty professional development and competency; and faculty diversity and retention. For more about the Commission’s recommendations, click here.

Questions and comments concerning the Commission are enncouraged to be conveyed via email at info-ccdt@newark.rutgers.edu.