Yoleidy Rosario

Yoleidy RosarioLive life, don’t let it live you! A wise motto passed down from the whispers of Yoleidy Rosario’s grandmother; words that inspire Rosario’s day to day living. Their passion for life, social justice, and healing brings them to Rutgers University-Newark as the new Director of LGBTQ and Intercultural Resources.

Yoleidy Rosario was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic but was raised in the Bronx in New York. They hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and English from Dickinson College and a Masters in Higher Education from Messiah College. As a first-generation Afro-Latinx personality, they have a vested interest in working with first-generation students, low-income students, multicultural/intercultural education and programming, LGBTQQIAAP education and programming, and affirmative action affairs. They are also passionate about issues related to topics surrounding college access, retention and affordability.

Rosario facilitates intercultural programs and workshops that address important social issues related to race, gender, culture, social justice, ability, class and religion. Their research interests include looking at issues of equity in education, performance of cultural and gender expression, Afro-Latino@ culture and history, the roles of diversity and oppression in organizations and the academic settings, and the impact of race, gender, class on educational outcomes.

Artistically as a scholar-artist, they are also a poet, playwright, actor, light designer, educator and director. Their goal is to create art that inspires, mobilizes and educates intercultural communities. They are highly motivated on serving and bridging gaps between traditionally and non-traditionally served communities through different performing arts programs, events and sustained dialogue. Their journey has led them to act as a voice for underrepresented communities, LGBTQIAP communities, Afro-Caribbean people, Afro-Latinx, and Afro-women by finding lost and untold stories that are subsequently weaved into expressive pieces of Art through the blending of historical, current events and personal experiences. Rosario aspires to be a power house that creates new and innovative ways to tell “our” stories through plays, poetry, multi-media, multicultural education and design.

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